Annotate over any desktop app. Seamlessly bring your annotations online.

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With i3ANNOTATE, you can write and draw in digital ink over open applications, files, folders, websites and any other open window on your computer.
You can write over a video without pausing the video and without interfering with your ability to interact with the video.
You can highlight content on your screen. 
You can also capture your notes as an image and save it in the active i3LEARNHUB page.
Annotated images will be saved to your personal library as well.
When using an application that has its own ink tools, minimize i3ANNOTATE and use the application ink tools to write in the content. 


  • annotate or highlight over any desktop application in digital ink 
  • capture screenshots or annotated snippets to your i3LEARNHUB software
  • captured snippets are automatically saved to your personal library

i3ANNOTATE for Windows requires .NET framework 4.5.
Learn more about .NET system requirements at: https://msdn.microsoft.com/nl-be/library/8z6watww(v=vs.110).aspx