Ideal for any collaborative space

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This i3WHITEBOARD was especially designed to match perfectly with the i3PROJECTOR. With its antireflection enameled steel and great design, the user will be delighted. But also the installer is a winner because this board helps to install and configure the projector in no time. So it’s a must have for all users of the i3PROJECTOR Wi Plus.

Simple yet stylish, the i3WHITEBOARD is ideal for any collaborative space. It features a durable, environmentally friendly, magnetic e3 ceramicsteel™ nameled steel surface is the perfect solution for writing, erasing, displaying notes and as a projection surface.


MAIN Features


  • i3Duo Surface: The optimized whiteboard surface with superior projection, writing & dry erasing capabilities to suit with the technology of the interactive i3PROJECTOR Wi


  • Nice designed with a ultra-narrow frame


  • Easy installation & configuration of the projector
  • Standard wall-mount included



height adjustable wall mount system
i3add-on i3WHITEBOARD Addon (i3ADD-ON)
whiteboards for extra writing surface
twist, pull, teach
i3speakers i3 DUO SURFACE
The optimized whiteboard surface with superior projection, writing and dry erasing capabilities